After upgrade to Sonarqube developer version 8.4 SAML is broken

SAML settings are working good on developer version 8.2 and after upgrade to 8.4 resulting the following error:
You’re not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator.

Reason: The response was received at instead of

Note - SAML settings was working from version 7.8 to 8.2, I don’t think so any settings issue

Also can’t revert back to version 8.2, SonarQube stopped working, log as below:
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: Option UseConcMarkSweepGC was deprecated in version 9.0 and will likely be removed in a future release.
2020.07.30 19:53:34 INFO app[o.e.p.PluginsService] no modules loaded
2020.07.30 19:53:34 INFO app[o.e.p.PluginsService] loaded plugin [org.elasticsearch.transport.Netty4Plugin]
2020.07.30 19:53:51 INFO app[o.s.a.SchedulerImpl] Process[es] is up
2020.07.30 19:53:51 INFO app[o.s.a.ProcessLauncherImpl] Launch process[[key=‘web’, ipcIndex=2, logFilenamePrefix=web]] from [/opt/sonarqube/sonarqube-]: /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk- -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 --add-opens=java.base/java.util=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens=java.base/java.lang=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens=java.base/ --add-opens=java.rmi/sun.rmi.transport=ALL-UNNAMED -Xmx512m -Xms128m -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts=localhost|127.|[::1] -cp ./lib/common/:/opt/sonarqube/sonarqube- /opt/sonarqube/sonarqube-
2020.07.30 19:54:00 INFO app[o.s.a.SchedulerImpl] Process[web] is stopped
2020.07.30 19:54:00 WARN app[o.s.a.p.AbstractManagedProcess] Process exited with exit value [es]: 143
2020.07.30 19:54:00 INFO app[o.s.a.SchedulerImpl] Process[es] is stopped
2020.07.30 19:54:00 INFO app[o.s.a.SchedulerImpl] SonarQube is stopped
<-- Wrapper Stopped


In the Upgrade Notes of SQ 8.4 there is a special note about SAML:

Additionnal SAML checks
SAML authentication adds additional checks for validating SAML responses from the identity provider. This could reveal a non-standard configuration that needs to be updated. Information will appear in the logs upon a failed login attempt in the event that the configuration needs to be tweaked.


Here is the error from web logs, what is that meaning & how to fix these errors. My setup is not using any ALB, I am just redirecting http traffic https for SAML.

2020.07.31 19:42:20 ERROR web[AXOmY7X2Sc5WvvRaAABq][c.o.s.a.SamlResponse] The response was received at instead of
2020.07.31 19:42:20 ERROR web[AXOmY7X2Sc5WvvRaAABq][c.o.saml2.Auth] processResponse error. invalid_response