Admin user has same email as user who fails login in 7.8

Looks like Sonarqube has changed with 7.X to not allow 2 users to have the same email. My normal account and the administrator have the same email and I cannot login with my account unless I change the admin email.

What type of mail gets sent out to the Administrator email account? If I am in the sonar-administrators group, will I get any admin email anyway? Just want to make sure I don’t miss some email if I give the Admin a fake email account.


The admin gets notifications about the license (expiration date approaching, instance approaching max lines of code…) and as a Quality Profile administrator about changes to built-in quality profiles. (This mechanism is intended to let you know there are cool new rules that you probably want to add to any custom profiles.)

Beyond that I don’t think the default admin is sent any emails other than the ones the account signs itself up for.