Adding our SonarQube plugins for TIBCO BW5, BW6 and BE to Other Plugins Section

As noted in this thread earlier -!msg/sonarqube/j8K1U7P_OCM/ZpXDAcSDDwAJ, we have products from our company for static code analysis of TIBCO BusinessWorks 5 (BW5), TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 (BW6 / BWCE) and TIBCO BusinessEvents (BE) platforms. We had added SonarQube plugins for all three platforms. These are commercial plugins from our company that integrate with our code review tool to integrate the results with SonarQube platform. We have three plugins to be listed.

  1. SonarQube plugin for TIBCO BusinessWorks 5 (BW5)
  2. SonarQube plugin for TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 (BW6)
  3. SonarQube plugin for TIBCO BusinessEvents (BE)

As per the last response in that thread, Ann had helped us by listing our plugin in Other Plugins page, but as we had a single page then and sections, she had grouped all three as a single entry. We noted then that we will come back with three different pages but never got around to it. We now have different pages for the three plugins as below.

  1. Sonar plugin for TIBCO BW 5.x projects -
  2. Sonar plugin for TIBCO BW 6.x or BWCE projects -
  3. Sonar plugin for TIBCO BE projects -

Can you please add these as three separate plugins in Other plugins page at Let us know if you need further information.


Hi BWCSTeam,

(Can I call you “Team”? :wink:)




Thank you for updating. We see that you haven’t lost your “touch” :slight_smile: May we humbly suggest a few minor changes.

  1. Under plugins, the second link for TIBCO BW 6.x, can you update the text for the hyperlink to TIBCO BW 6.x or BWCE.
  2. The description for BW 6.x has a typo listing it as “Plugin for analysis of TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x projects.” . Can we change that to “Plugin for analysis of TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.x and BWCE projects.”

Again, many thanks for your help. Have a great day !


Hi Team,



Thanks Ann, appreciate it.