Adding custom rule jar for local SonarQube from Sonar-Kotlin


I’m working on the sonar-kotlin library and aim to integrate it with SonarQube, which is tied to my DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

As I’m new to the SonarQube library, I followed the steps below to understand how it works but encountered an issue: “Plugin key is missing from manifest.”

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Downloaded and built the jar file from the sonar-kotlin repository.
  2. Added the jar file to the local SonarQube plugin folder (extensions/plugin).
  3. Launched the local SonarQube instance using ./ console.
  4. Encountered the error: “Plugin key is missing from manifest.”

Is there a guideline or documentation on how to properly set this up?

Hey there. A few things to note:

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