Add version number or comment field to quality profile

Many records in SonarQube, such as individual issues, allow attaching a comment. I’d like to have this capability for the quality profile.

I’d use it to attach a version number, as we expect QP updates to be a continuous process, so having an explicit version tag would be fine, but a generic comment field would probably be more useful to others, and you could make use of existing functions and just port them over, such as api/issues/add_comment.

Hello @MisterPi ,

Thank you for the suggestion!

For what purpose do you require a version number on the Quality Profile?


We recently updated SQ, and the existing profiles became “Sonar way (outdated copy)” – so we will gravitate toward Sonar way, but step by step, so tracking with a version number would be helpful. We can fudge it using the date of the last update, of course, but version numbers are more convenient. We are using “SQ 8.6.0” rather than “SQ 2020-12-20” or whatever.

Thank you for the insights!