Add release date in Change Notes

Hi SonarLint team,

Small request from an happy SonarLint on IntelliJ user :wink:

It would be helpful to have the release date for each version in change notes

It’s available for Kotlin plugin and it helps me to track what’s change and when

with :heart:

Hi @Xav

The release notes you see in IntelliJ are embedded into the plugin artifact. As you know, we try to build artifacts once, then run some QA, plus often wait for some internal dogfooding period. It means the release date can’t be known for sure in advance.
Doing what you suggest would mean changing the plugin and rebuilding just before the release, and this is something we want to avoid.

So I’m not really in favor of this move. If you want to see the release dates, you could instead look at the marketplace website:

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Thanks @Julien_HENRY for this super fast answer, you rock!

I find this less convenient but totally understood why you cannot do it.
Anyway, I can access the information on the marketplace, so my need is fulfilled :wink:

Kudos to the SonarLint team, I enjoyed using it every day!


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