Add new webhook kinds


For now SonarQube provides only one webhook : when an analysis is performed.
This is great and I already have used it to build a side application being synchronized with SonarQube by this way.

This is so great and fluent that I’d like to see more webhooks like :

  • issue/hotspot assignee change event
  • issue/hotspot status change event
  • quality status change event (due to the previous ?)

For sure, we could imagine many others but these points could be very helpful.
In my case, when someone manually change the assignee or the status of an issue/hotspot, my side application looses its synchronization with SonarQube, until a new analysis is done. :frowning:

Do you think it could be possible ?


Hello Julien,

Thanks for the suggestion. This is not in the short-term roadmap but we are tracking requests about this topic.

Could you please give us some details how you would like to use these events? Are you trying to notify the developers with your application?


Hello Christophe,

Thank you for your feedback.

As you mentioned, the application notifies the developers, with a client installed on their computer.
Such webhooks would help to stay synchronized and therefore help to keep the client very helpfull for them by not giving outdated information.

For now we have to run a new analysis after an assignement change or a status change to keep it uptodate, which is consuming many resources for the goal, and which needs 2 actions (assign then analyse) for only one real goal (assign).

We could change our design to schedule client requests each, say, 1 minute but I don’t like this approach : many requests are useless, network is overused, changes are not always seen in real time, etc. …
I would really prefer the webhook way.


Thanks for your explanations.