Add C# support for VSCode sonarlint


(James Shinevar) #1

Most of the developers where I work are building on the Mac, and we use VSCode for our .net core stuff. It would be great for SonarLint to support C# in VSCode. In fact, the VSCode version of SonarLint should try and support all languages because it is such a versatile editor.

(Amaury Levé) #2

Hi @James_Shinevar,

Out of curiosity are you using VSCode because you think it’s better than VS for Mac?


(James Shinevar) #3

I like it because not everything I do needs to be a full Visual Studio project. I do like the intellisense better in VSCode, and I write my front ends using Angular and my API’s using .net core, and I like to just have the different windows open for the different projects. Not to mention, VSCode is more visually appealing to me. Crazy as it sounds, over the last year, I’ve seen VSCode move to the most used editor for most people I know.

(Wayne Vetrone) #4

I am a 20 year veteran of VS (in one form or another) and for me, VSCode is more intuitive. If (or when) more functionality is ported, our team will switch.