Ada LOC not being reported in 7.9.3 Community edition


I hope you can help with the following problem.

We are using the SonarQube Community edition 7.9.3 along with the following plugins

C (Community) : 1.3.1 (build 1807)
C++ (Community) : 1.3.1 (build 1807)
Ada 22.0w-20201109

The project is a mixture of C, C++ and Ada. We use CodePeer to perform the Ada analysis this gets submitted successfully to SonarQube. The problem is that on the project dashboard the LOC is not being reported for the Ada analysis just the C, C++

The Ada Lines of code is reported corrected within the Measures tab, Size-> Lines

I suspect the problem may lay from the Ada side of things, the sonarqube configuration looks okay but wanted to check if anyone has encountered this before.

Best Regards


Hi @comoran,

these plugins are not supported by SonarSource, please refer to their support channel for help.