Active Rule Count Increased After SonarQube Update


My company had Version on-prem instance of SonarQube. Then we have updated SonarQube 7.6 to 7.8. After updating, active rule count has increased from 212 to 291. We were expecting that active rule count should be the same as before. Is this change in active rule count intentional?

Before updating, Community Edition Version 7.6

After updating, Community Edition Version 7.8

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Each new version of SonarQube includes the language analyzer releases that are current at the time. Typically each analyzer release includes new rules. So, yes this is normal, typical, and expected.

If you don’t want to be directly affected by this, then you can create a copy of the built-in profile and use it instead, because when new rules are made available in an analyzer, they’re only added to built-in profiles.

However, assuming you’re using Quality Gate criteria based on New Code metrics, adding new rules to your profile (by whatever means) won’t negatively impact your project Releasability because in the first analysis after rules are added to a profile the issues raised by those rules are automatically backdated.



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