Activate rule in profile after upgrade to sonarqube:9.8.0-community

We are using helm chart for sonarqube deployment on kubernetes.
After upgrade from 8.9.1 to 9.8.0 we had everything working correctly except the activate rule feature.
It takes so much time (2:30 min), we didn’t find any trace in logs related to this action. the same feature on rct environment (with same version number and characteristics) takes about 10s. on the old instance it’s really quick ( less then 1s) .

Can you help me to fix this, I run out of ideas

I can provide values.yml if needed

Update : we found that this slowness comes from database, there is two select queries launched at the same time :

   live_measures lm                                                       
inner join                                                               
   metrics m on m.uuid = lm.metric_uuid                                   
where                                                               = 'ncloc_language_distribution'                                 
   and lm.component_uuid = lm.project_uuid                                
   and lm.project_uuid not in (select project_uuid from project_qprofiles)
     lm.text_value like $1 escape '/'                                     
     lm.text_value like $2 escape '/'                                     

Still analyzing for the root cause, we checked that 2 indexes on live_measures are there.