Accessing parameter's instance inheritance value of method

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environment info : Sonarqube 7.9.1

Hi, I’m creating my own custom rule using roslyn API.
I’m curious about accessing parameter’s instance inheritance value of method.

First, as I attached some picture, I have to get parameter’s instance inheritance value of method.

What I want to get the value is “HISDTOBase” through SelectCPRRecords method in the picture.
Now, I could get the value “CPRRecords_IN” in SelectCPRRecords method. I’m using MethodDeclarationSyntax.ParameterList.Parameters to get method’s value. but I couldn’t get that method parameter’s instance inheritance value.
I already try to looked it up this problem from Syntax Visualizer. and I tried several times to get the value.

How can I get method’s parameter instance’s inheritance value?

==== my simple code sample ====
Initialize override method

  • context.RegisterSyntaxNodeAction(AnalyzeNode, SyntaxKind.CompilationUnit);
    AnalyzeNode method
  • private void AnalyzeNode(SyntaxNodeAnalysisContext context)
    var rootNode = (CompilationUnitSyntax)context.Node;
    MemberDeclarationSyntax memberNode = rootNode.Members[0];
    var classNode = (ClassDeclarationSyntax)memberNode.Members[0];
    foreach(var member in classNode.Members)
    string memberType = member.Kind().ToString();
    if (memberType.Equals(“MethodDeclaration”))
    SH1302 sh1302 = new SH1302(context, (MethodDeclarationSyntax) member);
    public class SH1302
    public SH1302(SyntaxNodeAnalysisContext context, MethodDeclarationSyntax methodNode)
    var temp = methodNode.ParameterList.Parameters;
    foreach(var tem in temp)
    // I tried below, but not working
    //var met = tem.Identifier;
    //var parent = met.Parent;
    //var e = tem.Type;
    //var child = e.ChildNodes();

I really need your help. Thank you for reading my question.
I appreciate any of your suggestion.