A project summarizes multiple code repositories branches and runs abnormally

I’m using Community Edition 7.9.3(build 33349). I configured a timed task in Jenkins, and checked the release branches of multiple code repositories in a specific Sonar project, and executed them at around 5:10 every day.The result looks strange:

  1. I only set a task at around 5:10, and did not set it at 6:00, but after the scheduled task is executed every day, it will be executed again at 6:00; but when I manually trigger the execution, it is not triggered before Tasks performed at 6:00
  2. 5:10 and 6:00 task quality configuration is different ,and the chart on the right also shows the difference
  3. The java code and other front-end codes are not checked whether it is executed automatically or manually


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It’s not clear to me what you intend to happen here. It looks like the 6p job checks out a project that is only TypeScript, while the 5:10 job checks out a different project which uses different languages.

For the reasons you see, you should have one project key value (one SonarQube project) per code repository.


Hi Ann,
Our products have many microservices, and each of the microservice has its own code repository.Many products may have more than 10 microservices.We’re not doing well in DevOps at this time.Many check-and-control events are not automated.(We are trying to do it better )

What I intent to happen is that I want to get the whole product’s sonar report in only One sonar project before the new product version was going to be tested.If I check the result of each mircoservice one by one, the event will spend a lot of time, and it happened frequently. For this reason, I configure a specific Jenkins job to check all the release branchs of the mircroservices in one product, and make the jenkins job runs automatically at 5:10pm everyday. The sonar part for the jenkins job configuration is as follow. The sonar project has only one project key value.

I did the same thing for another product, and I found the soanr project for another product runs normally.well, at least the chart looks normal, and it doesn’t have a following triggerd task after the present task.

By the way, most of our products are java products. The product which I want to get for help is also a java product. Its sonar result seems like didn’t trigger the java rules.It seems weird.

Thanks and hope to get your reply soon.


Hi Tulip,

It looks like you have maybe 2 different jobs - one at 5:10 and one at 6 - that use the same project key? (We should defer “seems like didn’t trigger the java rules.It seems weird.” to another thread).


Hi Ann,
Thank you very much for your reply. We really made another job use the same project key.
We have corrected the configuration of the another job. And the dbbd_release job is now running normally.
Oh, the “java rules” problem has also been solved. I found it was my problem that I didn’t understand the report. Java rules were triggerd everytime.

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