8.8 installation fails on Oracle with quoted schema name


If you try to install Sonar into Oracle using db user/schema name that requires usage of double quotes ("), the db initialization would fail with multiple errors like:

  • 3210L, “Add index on ALM_slug”
  • 3431L, “Add ‘uuid’ columns for ‘PROJECT_MEASURES’”

For example, DEV_SONAR db schema name have no problems with installation, but DEV-SONAR will because “-” require quote usage around the schema name in Oracle.

Please either fix the bug or, at least, clearly highlight that limitation in the documentation. Unfortunately triggered error messages above provided no helpful hints to the root cause, so it took us a while to figure it out.


Hi, thanks for reporting this. I have logged this here, we will try to reproduce this & fix it if needed in the next few weeks.