403 client Error

Hi Team,

We are getting below error for all the SMS projects after we upgrade to latest pdp version in sonarqube.

Updated PDP version from 5.47.1 to 5.50

Please find the error log of the issue.

[2024-02-13 12:18:36] Found the following properties file for SonarQube: sonar-project.properties

100[2024-02-13 12:18:36] Project name for SonarQube found: SMS_SERVICES

101[2024-02-13 12:18:36] Checking for SonarQube generated report name…

102[2024-02-13 12:18:36] Found the following generated report for SonarQube: jacoco.csv

103[2024-02-13 12:18:36] Performing API call with GET Method on URL: https://sonarqube.pearson.com/api/measures/component?metricKeys=coverage&component=SMS_SERVICES&branch=develop

104[2024-02-13 12:18:36] Request failed with following error: 403 Client Error: for url: https://sonarqube.pearson.com/api/measures/component?metricKeys=coverage&component=SMS_SERVICES&branch=develop

105[2024-02-13 12:18:36] Please refer to the following documentation for more info: https://one-confluence.pearson.com/x/YWlVEg

106[2024-02-13 12:18:36] Job State: FAILED


What is PDP?

PDP ( Pearson development pipeline) is Pipeline name.

That’s probably an internal script maintained by an internal team – you should reach out to them to understand what changed between versions, and if there were any breaking changes.

Any idea why the pipeline is failing with 403 client error