10.1 version port issue


I have encountered an issue while attempting to upgrade my SonarQube instances on macOS. Currently, there are two instances running on separate ports:

Port 9000 running SonarQube version 9.1 (Developer Edition)
Port 9001 running SonarQube version 9.3 (Community Edition)
My objective is to upgrade the SonarQube instance on port 9001 to version 10.1. However, I’ve encountered difficulties during this process. Here’s the approach I’ve taken:

I downloaded the new SonarQube version 10.1 as a zip file.
I stopped the existing instance running on port 9001.
I configured the new SonarQube 10.1 instance to use port 9001.
When I attempted to start the new version on port 9001, it unexpectedly stopped the existing SonarQube instance running on port 9000. Subsequently, the new version started on port 9001.
I’m unable to identify the root cause of this problem. Could you provide assistance in resolving this issue?

Additionally, I’ve encountered another problem. Starting the new SonarQube version on port 9001 seems to prevent the use of a second port. For example, if a SonarQube instance is already running on port 9000, the instance I set up on port 9001 shuts down after a certain period.

I appreciate your help in addressing these matters.

Hey there.

Have you also configured sonar.es.port on the new instance, which is the port on which Elasticsearch runs (on 9001 by default)?

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