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Add example of Gradle build configuration using Kotlin to existing documentation [Suggest new features] (1)
Extend Rule RSPEC-1590 [New rules] (3)
Implement "RSPEC-2190 Recursion should not be infinite" in java [New rules] (1)
Help on I18N support for sonar-java [New rules] (5)
SonarLint for IntelliJ: support SonarTS / TypeScript [New features] (2)
Allow to choose branch on projects page [Suggest new features] (1)
Python - pipenv check [Suggest new features] (1)
MySQL sql source analysis [New features] (3)
Recommend the SonarQube version developer should use [Suggest new features] (2)
Certificate Bypass for Webhooks on SonarCloud [Suggest new features] (1)
Sonarqube75 - update python rules with new pylint rules [Suggest new features] (2)
Split S1166 to two rules: logger vs. new exception [New rules] (3)
Sonar Maven plugin cache cleanup [Suggest new features] (2)
[Drupal] Form API unsanitized user input should not be used [New rules] (2)
Allow marking duplications as "false-positives"/"won't fix" [New features] (2)
Are there plans for official an Groovy plugin? [Suggest new features] (6)
Sonarlint for PLSQL code [Suggest new features] (3)
Automatic expiration of Auth-tokens [New features] (1)
SonarLint on VS: use [New features] (1)
SonarQube docker images [New features] (20)
SonarQube server 7.4: User account lock after unsuccessful login attempts [New features] (2)
No rule to check for missing global error handler on web pages [New rules] (1)
Sonar for indexddb , websql, webstorage [Suggest new features] (3)
Add C# support for VSCode sonarlint [New features] (4)
VSCode rule suppression [New features] (1)
Reporting per developer/committing user with bug, vulnerabilities etc. created and fixed by him/her [New features] (4)
Import/Export rules configuration in SonaLint for Eclipse [New features] (2)
Rule 3864 "Stream.peek should not be used": improving title and description [New rules] (5)
Threshold editing support [New features] (1)
SurefireSensor should support execution on non-Java projects [Suggest new features] (1)