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The transaction isolation level read uncommited or repetable because of inconsitent results [New rules] (1)
Use explicite JOIN's rather then implicite [New rules] (7)
Rule templates for Kotlin [New rules] (1)
Reports TODO's and FIXME's on XML files [New rules] (1)
Unused parameters in abstract constructor [Suggest new features] (1)
[Kotlin] Function returning a Deferred [New rules] (1)
Kotlin coroutines: Report usages of `GlobalScope` [New rules] (1)
Kotlin coroutines: Report usage of runBlocking [New rules] (1)
Enhance SonarLint filter [New features] (1)
Are there plans for official an Groovy plugin? [Suggest new features] (4)
View fixed issues in a branch [New features] (2)
Intellij Plugin does not allow multiple project bindings [New features] (6)
Reporting per developer/committing user with bug, vulnerabilities etc. created and fixed by him/her [New features] (3)
Sonar Scanner should honor XDG_CACHE_HOME [Suggest new features] (1)
[Java] Unchecked generic type operation [New rules] (2)
Automatically update bindings and rules [New features] (2)
Make new issues email notification template configurable [New features] (2)
[Java] Unlikely argument type for Collection methods using Object [New rules] (2)
WordPress sonarqube analysis [Suggest new features] (5)
Method level coverage metrics [Suggest new features] (2)
Kotlin support ETA [Suggest new features] (4)
Add User Audit Trail functionality [Suggest new features] (4)
Adding support CLion IDE in SonarLint plugin [Suggest new features] (1)
JDBC drivers should not be registered via `Class.forName()` [New rules] (3)
[Java] Missing synchronized modifier on inherited method [New rules] (2)
Support more than 10000 rules in SonarLint [Suggest new features] (6)
C# There should be a rule for using TryAdd(), TryParse() etc. and not checking the results [New rules] (1)
Merge Requests support for GitLab [New features] (9)
SonarCloud - Short-lived branches lifespan [Suggest new features] (4)
SLE 4.0.0, polling interval for project events should be configurable [New features] (1)