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[Java] Usage of raw type (4)
[Java] Generic type parameter declared with a final type bound (2)
No rule to check for incorrect cast from one numeric data type to another (1)
SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF should not used in stored procedures or indexed views (1)
Cover rules from Eclipse JDT (3)
[Java] Final method can be static and public method can potentially be static (1)
[Java] Indirect access to static member (1)
[Java] Access to non-accessible member of nested type (1)
[Drupal] Namespace importing should be preferred over include/require functions (3)
"Serializable" classes should use auto-generated version ids (6)
Curl SSL/TLS trust chain verification should not be disabled (3)
Add the compatibility rules for upgrading PHP Code (3)
Rule S00107 "Methods should not have too many parameters" should consider Lombok annotations (1)
C/C++ field naming convention rules for public/private, static, constant, etc (2)
[Java ] "read(byte[],int,int)" should be overridden (2)
JAXB Context rule for memory leak (2)
[Java] optional.orElseGet(null) produces a null pointer exception (2)
New rule suggestion: "Boolean" objects should be used in a null safe way inside of expressions (3)
android.text.TextUtils.isEmpty methods should be hardcoded (3)
Extending sonar xml plugin (3)
Curl SSL/TLS configuration should be chosen carefully (4)
Add iterable variable type validation in for loop (2)
[Drupal] Dynamic database query should use proper argument substitution (2)
[Drupal] Static database query should use proper argument substitution (2)
Reference in foreach should be unset after loop (2)
T-SQL Plugin - new rule for stored procedures (4)
T-SQL Plugin - New rule for blocking issues in TempDb related to Select * Into # (3)
SQL query that uses not in with a subquery (2)
T-SQL Plugin - rule for EXISTS / NOT EXISTS (2)
[Drupal] Form API unsanitized user input should not be used (1)