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Rule templates for Kotlin (1)
[Kotlin] Function returning a Deferred (1)
Kotlin coroutines: Report usages of `GlobalScope` (1)
Kotlin coroutines: Report usage of runBlocking (1)
[Java] Unchecked generic type operation (2)
[Java] Unlikely argument type for Collection methods using Object (2)
JDBC drivers should not be registered via `Class.forName()` (3)
[Java] Missing synchronized modifier on inherited method (2)
C# There should be a rule for using TryAdd(), TryParse() etc. and not checking the results (1)
Double assignment (3)
New rules for localisation of software (1)
Equivalent of S1698 in Web profile ("==" and "!=" should not be used when "equals" is overridden) (4)
[Java] Type parameter hides another type (2)
[Java] Hidden catch block (2)
[Java] Usage of raw type (4)
[Java] Generic type parameter declared with a final type bound (2)
No rule to check for incorrect cast from one numeric data type to another (1)
SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF should not used in stored procedures or indexed views (1)
Cover rules from Eclipse JDT (3)
[Java] Final method can be static and public method can potentially be static (1)
[Java] Indirect access to static member (1)
[Java] Access to non-accessible member of nested type (1)
[Drupal] Namespace importing should be preferred over include/require functions (3)
"Serializable" classes should use auto-generated version ids (6)
Curl SSL/TLS trust chain verification should not be disabled (3)
Add the compatibility rules for upgrading PHP Code (3)
C/C++ field naming convention rules for public/private, static, constant, etc (2)
[Java ] "read(byte[],int,int)" should be overridden (2)
JAXB Context rule for memory leak (2)
[Java] optional.orElseGet(null) produces a null pointer exception (2)