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API call to return quality gate status for a given version (1)
Changelog for Security settings (1)
SonarLint should show tags of rule (1)
Automatically update bindings and rules (4)
Override Settings in compare Mode of Quality profiles (1)
SonarLint for IntelliJ: support SonarTS / TypeScript (2)
MySQL sql source analysis (3)
Automatic expiration of Auth-tokens (1)
SonarLint on VS: use (1)
SonarQube docker images (20)
SonarQube server 7.4: User account lock after unsuccessful login attempts (2)
Add C# support for VSCode sonarlint (4)
VSCode rule suppression (1)
Reporting per developer/committing user with bug, vulnerabilities etc. created and fixed by him/her (4)
Import/Export rules configuration in SonaLint for Eclipse (2)
Threshold editing support (1)
Add "Content-Security-Policy" header (6)
SonarQube Dashboard or CodeQuality trend across all projects (1)
SonarLint support for Java in VSCode (2)
Improve rule configuration for non-connected projects (2)
Issue Auditing on SonarCloud (3)
SonarPython - support pep-484 typing (1)
Document new features on SonarCloud (8)
Support for popular Cloud-Managed Databases (4)
Support OWASP Dependency Check plugin (3)
Get/list Codecoverage in the WebApi (3)
Support of absolute Paths within SonarQube Scanner Config (3)
Overview over projects, sort by "Last analysis date" does not take into account SLB-analyses (2)
Support customizing technical debt metrics on SonarCloud (2)
Template rules on SonarCloud (2)