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Self-contained sonar configuration through property file (1)
Ability to search by CWE/CERT ids (7)
Flexible mapping of SonarLint severity to Eclipse problem severitiy and editor annotations (1)
Allow enabling sonar rules for test sources (6)
GitHub Pull Request Review (9)
Jira integration with SonarCloud (2)
Official docker image for sonar scanner cli (1)
TFS2018 Publish Quality Gate Result Taks on Project with multible sln builds should show project name as Header (2)
Making test coverage measures mode useful (2)
SonarLint for IntelliJ: support SonarTS / TypeScript (1)
New metric for number of generated lines of code (4)
Sublime Text support in SonarLint (1)
Backup Extended Description of Rules (3)
Jenkins Declarative Pipeline step for running the Scanner (2)
Allow making quality profiles/gates public on SonarCloud (4)
Configure inclusions for coverage (1)
Support filter on issue type and sorting by severity (1)
Best practices with squid:S1695 (NullPointerException) and Java8+? (1)
Pull Request Decoration with Bitbucket Enterprise will be welcome (5)
API call to return latest version for a given quality gate status (3)
Code duplicates navigation (1)
Code tab. File search. Use full path (1)
Issues tab. File and directories filter. Add search field (2)
Document new features on SonarCloud (6)
Billing relevant lines of code by project (4)
Jenkins Plugin for sonarqube for attaching analysis report in email (1)
Filter rules on file extension (3)
Ansible lint support (6)
Notification settings per organization (4)
Automatic update plugins (4)