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Better support for community edition in the Azure pipeline tasks (1)
Backup Extended Description of Rules (5)
Support Dependency Checks for Known Vulnerabilities (5)
Organization level PATs (2)
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Generic Code Coverage should be skipped when coverageReportPaths file does not exist instead of fail scan (1)
REST api to request quality gate status by branch? (2)
Provide links to SCM to view repo/commit/file directly from SonarQube screens (1)
Making test coverage measures mode useful (3)
Feature request: Add brakeman sensor to Ruby plugin (2)
[TRANSPARENCY] Disable default server info collect by SonarSource (4)
Check licenses of dependencies (2)
User administration / security: Delete an user from SonarQube database (2)
Allow marking duplications as "false-positives"/"won't fix" (3)
Change Rule type in Quality Profile (1)
Sonar Code Coverage Metric (3)
Merge Requests support for GitLab (12)
Login w/ Bitbucket for sonarsource Community (4)
Add support for GoSu language (3)
Make new issues email notification template configurable (3)
Rule to detect Unused Public classes or methods (3)
Need export facility for Sonar Rules in (5)
Support filter on issue type and sorting by severity (2)
Ability to analyze only changed code, not full files (2)
Intellij Plugin does not allow multiple project bindings (10)
Maven session does not declare a top level project (1)
Display Master and Its Branches in a single dashboard (1)
Automatic assignment of non default Quality Profiles by project namespace (1)
API call to return quality gate status for a given version (1)