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Support for popular Cloud-Managed Databases (2)
Add "Content-Security-Policy" header (4)
Get/list Codecoverage in the WebApi (3)
Support of absolute Paths within SonarQube Scanner Config (3)
Overview over projects, sort by "Last analysis date" does not take into account SLB-analyses (2)
Support customizing technical debt metrics on SonarCloud (2)
Template rules on SonarCloud (2)
Make Quality Gates configurable on project level (1)
Prevent email being updated when logging in using LDAP user (4)
Web API to check if project analysis is in progress (5)
SonarQube docker images (10)
Noproxy support (3)
SonarJS: not able to parse with optional-chaining/nullables (2)
Pull request branches to include code coverage ( 2 ) (27)
Add an arbitrary effort for TODO's and FIXME's (1)
Allow restoring Quality Profiles by using Changelog page (2)
Enhance SonarLint filter (1)
View fixed issues in a branch (2)
Intellij Plugin does not allow multiple project bindings (6)
Reporting per developer/committing user with bug, vulnerabilities etc. created and fixed by him/her (3)
Automatically update bindings and rules (2)
Make new issues email notification template configurable (2)
Merge Requests support for GitLab (9)
SLE 4.0.0, polling interval for project events should be configurable (1)
Adding support for Powershell to VSCode sonarlint (1)
LDAP or Google (G Suite) login (3)
Check licenses of dependencies (1)
Support OWASP Dependency Check plugin (2)
Code coverage metrics in web hook payload (2)