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FP on S2384 : Collections.singleton* calls should be considered as immutable (4)
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FP on squid:S2637 when class is @NonNullByDefault and @Nullable method returns "null" (2)
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SonarC# Credentials Should Not Be Hardcoded FP (3)
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JavaScript - Destructuring assignment without declaration misinterpreted as assignment within subexpression (2)
squid:UnusedPrivateMethod false positive when used on static inner classes (1)
Issue with Rule S2819 (1)
squid:S2259 : A "NullPointerException" could be thrown; "dc" is nullable here. While "dc" is checked as not null (4)
Less variable falsely identified as a unit because of number in variable name (1)
C# rule "Empty collections should not be accessed or iterated" should ignore TryAdd() (1)
[squid:S1481] Unused local variable false positive (4)
[API] response example of actions for api/project_analyses is not valid (2)
common-kotlin:DuplicatedBlocks should ignore imports (5)
False Positive squid:S2068 with @JMSPasswordCredential (1)
squid:S1854 Dead stores should be removed - false positive with lambda expressions (2)
squid:UnusedPrivateMethod reporting false positive for private constructor (3)
False-positive on squid:S3518 (6)
Scan does not know that java.lang.Class.isInstance(o) returns false if o == null (1)
squid:S2583 over optimistic about use of @NotNull (1)
Java squid:S2583 with kotlin nullable object (1)
CSS/SCSS: False positives (2)
csharpsquid:S2583: over-aggressive check and false-positives (2)
PHP - Anonymous class breaks rule PHP:S1144 (2)